We will listen, to bring Tiverton together

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To the editor:
Residents of Tiverton have been fed many letters to the editor over the course of the last two months from many candidates for the Charter Review election that will take place on Tuesday, July 18. Many opinions have been shared and hopefully the candidates that have written letters have answered questions you may have had or shared valuable information with the voters who read these publications.
Many of the letters focused on the Financial Town Referendum (FTR). These issues have been highlighted by the Tiverton Taxpayers Association Political Action Committee (TTA PAC). This organization places the onus on a certain matter such as taxes and strongly focuses on this position and eventually inundates residents with their glossy agenda driven mailers, newspaper inserts and television interviews.
We have not and will not copy this tactic.Transparency is important in government and since this election is concerning our charter as a Town, we can and should ask for transparency from our candidates. We have spoken openly that our mission is not to eliminate the FTR.
As newcomers to this process of becoming candidates in any sort of election we have maintained neutrality, as our candidacy has not been endorsed by the Tiverton Democratic Party, Republican Party or the Tiverton Taxpayers Association. We have run a campaign from a grass roots feel — including door-knocking and social media interaction.
If elected, we will continue to be open minded, conscientious, respectful and most importantly transparent. We have offered an email address for residents to contact us with concerns, and to continue open dialogue throughout the process, including after the election when the committee meetings begin: djpforcrc@gmail.com.
We have one promise to all of the residents throughout Tiverton- we will always listen to you. We decided to run for the Charter Review Commission for one reason, so that all residents in Tiverton could have representation and hopefully this resonation will start to change as three individuals like ourselves strive to bring Tiverton together for today and for our future. We respectfully ask for your vote Tuesday, July 18 to help begin the process of bringing compromise, thoughtfulness and respect to Tiverton politics. This election is to elect nine members to a commission that will listen, discuss and make recommendations for revisions to our Town charter. As always the residents of Tiverton will vote on any potential changes in the November 2018 general election.
Please join us for a candidate meet and greet Monday, July 18 at the Tiverton Public Library Community Room from 6-9 p.m. All 24 candidates have been invited to attend.
Michael C. DeCotis
Jennifer L. Joslyn
David J. Paull
Candidates for Charter Review Commission