Whalers giving free kegs of beer to RI bars, restaurants

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As a means of thanking customers and kicking off the summer, Whalers Brewing Company started the delivery of an estimated 800 free kegs of their award-winning American Pale Ale, Rise, to every bar and restaurant in Rhode Island.

“Bars and restaurants across the State put us on the map, they helped take us from the smallest brewery in Rhode Island to the largest, and after a tough year for all Rhode Islanders, we figured what better way to say thank you and help ring in Summer than free beer?” said Josh Dunlap and Wes Staschke, Founders & Head Brewers of Whalers Brewing Compan in a release.. “The entire crew has been working around the clock over the past two weeks to make enough Rise to pull this off, and we’re super excited to get fresh beer into the hands of our fellow Rhode Islanders,” they said in a statement.

To grab their free keg, all bars and restaurants have to do is ask their Horizon Beverage sales representative. A spokeswoman for the company estimated the beer would bring in $225,000 to bars and restaurants.

Founded in 2011, Whalers Brewing Company was started by Josh Dunlap, a United States Marine and former commercial fisherman, and Wes Staschke, an engineering graduate and home brewer. Their flagship American Pale Ale, Rise, is distributed across Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, and their dog taproom is located in South Kingstown, 5 minutes from the beaches of South County.

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