Wickford's Romeo and Juliet Candle Company Burns Bright

Doug Guilbert dishes on his candles' scent-sational secrets

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Doug Guilbert of Romeo and Juliet Candles has done what seemed impossible: he’s found a way to make a better candle. We took a minute to ask Doug about what is happening at the store this season and what makes these locally-made and handcrafted candles just so darn revolutionary.

What makes Romeo and Juliet Candles different?
Our candles are unique in that they burn soot-free.  What that means is that the candle will not leave behind black soot on the jar.  Most candles on the market are made of mostly paraffin wax, which is a petroleum product and a known carcinogen.  Romeo and Juliet candles will burn longer, cleaner and throw a strong scent for the life of the candle.  We use all American-made raw materials to ensure that we are producing a superior product.  Our candles are hand-poured and crafted by artisans right here in Rhode Island and not mass produced.  

You’ve used a two-wick system in the majority of your candles. Why?
The benefit of the two-wick system is that it allows the candle to burn clean and evenly with no wax left behind.  Other candles will tunnel down the middle and leave you will a lot of wasted wax along the outer wall of the jar.  Our candle will burn evenly for the entire life of the candle. You really get your money’s worth, with no waste.

What inspires you to create new products?

We listen to our customers who give us thoughts for different scents, sizes, prices and design. I also like to create new and exciting scents that customers and my family enjoy. I [think about the] different smells we encounter in our everyday life that are enjoyable and replicate them into a scent that can go into a candle.

What are some of your popular custom candle options?
One of the best ideas for custom candles is to give them as a favor.  Our most popular custom candles are produced for weddings or bridal showers. Second would be baby showers. We work with our customers and let them design their perfect candle. They can choose the color, scent, size and we even encourage pictures or artwork to be used on their personalized label.

Romeo and Juliet Candle Company
24 Brown Street, North Kingstown

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