Winsor Hill students now published poets

Johnston Sun Rise ·

The third grade students of Mrs. Lee Silverman at Winsor Hill Elementary school are being honored for their writing talents as their poetry submissions will soon be published for all to see.

According to Mrs. Silverman, Anthology of Poetry, Inc. has since 1989 accepted students’ original poetry pieces, and each year they then publish a book containing the best submissions. Each year, she works with her students to enhance their writing skills and incorporates the poetry submissions into her curriculum.

“Each year, since it was established and I was made aware of it, I’ve been entering my children’s’ original pieces. Many of them have received word by mail that their pieces are going to be published, so they’re going to be published authors,” said Silverman.

Earlier this school year, Mrs. Silverman’s class joined classrooms from across the country in submitting their original works. The company reviewed thousands of submissions and selected the most creative for publication in the 2018 edition of the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans. The Anthology is not a contest with a fixed number of winners; each entry is considered on its own merit and is chosen for publication only if it meets certain criteria and standards.

Silverman said that the children had a choice between three types of poems to write: clerihew, acrostic or cinquain.

An example of a clerihew poem was provided by 9-year-old Abner Cambranes:


Nice, funny

Run, swim, climb

Handsome, athletic


Here’s an acrostic poem about friends, written by 8-year-old Talia Zoglio:


Respect you

In it for you

Educating you along the way

Needing you

Doing things for you

Standing by you

Eight-year-old Derek Mallon wrote the following cinquain poem:

Guinea pig

playful, cute

biting, eating, running

Guinea pigs love to eat, drink, run and sleep.


Students own the copyright of their work in the publication. Orders for the book in paperback or hardback are now being accepted online at This year’s edition is expected to be shipped in late April.

“They all took part and they all did their poems, they’ve all worked very hard and I’m very proud of them all,” said Mrs. Silverman.